Michael Photo

I have been interested in art and music since I was a child and was encouraged by my family to pursue these endeavors. From a young age, I worked in both areas eventually going to the University of the South on a violin scholarship where I studied both violin and art. After graduation I continued to play the violin and sketch primarily for my own enjoyment. I traveled extensively in the far east and occasionally in Europe where I would study the masters and other lesser known artists at galleries, museums and private studios in Kyoto, Nagoya, Tokyo, Amsterdam and Paris. After going on tour in France as a violinist with a folk dance troupe, I decided to start producing artworks in an effort to search out a process which would identify my works. Of course, the process has continued to evolve but still maintains the foundation from which it started. I have been a show artist for the past twenty years and still enjoy the time I spend in the studio.

The painting is done on 300 lb cold press acid free illustration board. I prepare the surface using gesso of varying viscosities. The background is established using acrylics, watercolor inks with metallic powders then the use of pen and ink along with a specially designed nib with an acrylic formula for backline and texture. I also use dry brush and scrumbling techniques.